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Better fiber infrastructure with symmetrical speeds up to 100 GIG bring your Internet experience to the next level.


Giving your business a fiber boost with high-speed fiber solutions from 1 GIG up to 100 GIG.

Be More Productive Than Ever With Business Fiber Internet.

✓ Speeds up to 100 Gbps
✓ Support more connected business devices simultaneously
✓ 99.9% network reliability on a fiber-rich network
✓ Large file and data transfers

One-Gig Internet high-speed Fiber Internet gives your business more

Why for Business Fiber solutions?

Speeds up to 100 GIG

Unbeatable high-speed fiber internet solutions from 1 GIG up to 100 GIG. 100% fiber symmetrical internet business solutions!

No Data Caps

Stop stressing how much data your employees use and kick back with unlimited monthly data. No fear of overage charges or running out of data.

Network Reliability

The network is over 99% proven reliability, because downtime is not an option for your business. Our advanced network provides fast, reliable internet connectivity.

DDoS Protection

Keep your websites and apps up and running by eliminating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to flow without interruption.

Symmetrical Speeds

Symmetrical upload and download speeds. With Fiber Gigabit service, you will get faster downloads, uploads, and backups.

No Hidden fees

Advertised prices include all the bells and whistles of our service. Premium fiber internet service without the premium price tag.

Managed Security Services

Let our security team help keep your data and network safe and secure. Reduce the impact of malicious evolving threats to your business anywhere your data goes.

Local Technical Support

Unlike many fiber internet providers, every technical support team member is a direct employee and works in our facility.

Our Services & Expertise


IP Transport Services

Our transport services offer you the reliable, scalable multi-site connectivity you require to ensure seamless business operations.

Dark Fiber Solutions

More control. Greater security. Extra peace of mind. Your network, under your control.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Give your tenants the fast Internet, TV, Phone, and managed Wi-Fi services they demand.

Dedicated Internet Access

DIA is a private connection between your business and the web, ensures secure, scalable, high-speed Internet connectivity.

More speed, more bandwidth, more value.

What Is Fiber Internet with

When you upgrade your business internet connection to’s state-of-the-art fiber network, your data travels at the speed of light through fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cables use light waves instead of electrical signals to send data. You’ll get faster performance and more consistent speeds than basic copper cable.
fiber internet

What can you do with Gig-speed internet?

• Upload 4K video to YouTube in seconds.

• Video chat in 4K.

• Download a 1GB file in less than 1 minute.

• Run cloud-based apps, services, and backups — all at the same time

• No video lag – Buffer-free video streaming on all your connected devices

Speed/Time examples are estimates and based on wired connection to gateway.

ABOUT FASTER.IO is an industry leader in providing Gigabit connectivity and IPTV video solutions to communities like yours. For over a decade, has been at the forefront of the Gigabit revolution, designing, installing, and operating fiber-optic networks and delivering internet speeds up to 100 Gigabit,digital streaming television and phone., specializes in providing fiber-optic-delivered and customized in-home entertainment solutions for Condominiums, Homeowners Associations ,RV resorts student housing,apartment buildings and businesses.

Our fiber-optic infrastructure solutions for commercial and residential properties will future-proof your infrastructure and provide your residents with the high speed bandwidth that they need.

Step 01


Contact us for a complimentary qustionarie of your new or existing property.

Step 02


Upon evaluation, our team will provide a custom-engineered solution for your approval.

Step 03


Our technicians will connect your building and begin installing for tenants as orders are placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fiber internet is a type of internet that transmits pulses of light to send data, rather than the electrical pulses cable internet relies on. Unlike cable internet networks, fiber-optic internet gives you a super-fast connection using light signals over longer distances that don’t degrade over distances the way they do use other technologies. When you upgrade your business internet connection to fiber network, your data travels at the speed of light through fiber optic cables with a truly outstanding experience that can’t be matched.
Gigabit internet delivers data at approximately 1 Gigabit = 1000 megabits per second or 1000 Mbps. It’s one of the fastest speeds available, and the data is often delivered over fiber optic cables. Max wired download speeds can range from 1 GIG up to 100 GIG per second, bringing you a blazing-fast connection. A gigabit internet connection means significantly better streaming, better gaming, faster and more seamless experience. fiber internet offers symmetrical upload and download speeds from 1 GIG up to 100 GIG.
In any internet connection, latency results from the delay of transmission between two points. In fiber-optic network communication, the internet signal is transmitted by light, so the signal travels much faster, meaning much less latency than you would experience with other internet signals.

Fiber-optic cables can send data much faster than copper cables, making it easier to upload data, stream content, load websites, and stream video with others. When ordinary high-speed internet might provide you lower upload speeds vs. download speeds, with fiber, you get the same speeds for upload and download. For business with multiple devices on your network running multiple applications, fiber gig internet ensures your operations run smoother and faster as your business grows. business fiber is an excellent choice for small businesses. As your business grows, you need the connectivity and speed that fiber internet offers to scale to support increasing data traffic. fiber internet uses symmetric internet connections. That means you get equally upload and download speeds. Symmetric internet speed capability provides quick access to the video conference, VPN connection, cloud, large files transfer, and more.

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